Wood is the oldest and most durable building material. There is no doubt that furniture made of this material can successfully survive for several dozen years. However, for that to be the case, you need to take care of them. Proper renovation and maintenance allow you to enjoy the view of well-kept, beautiful chests of drawers or wardrobes. It also turns out that natural wood furniture can be easily renovated, and one of the most common treatments is whitening.

Wood whitening - a compendium of knowledge

Why bleach wood really? This easy-to-perform treatment will keep the natural boards in perfect condition, whitening is one of the preservation methods. What's more, wood whitening it is also a way to get a completely different furniture design. Consider the existing canons of interior design, according to which our apartments are dominated by Scandinavian, retro or rustic styles. It is these arrangements that put furniture made of bleached, distressed wood as the main decoration.

You can do the whitening of wooden furniture yourself. We present a simplified step-by-step instruction for this procedure:

  1. clean the boards of varnish and paint,
  2. color the wood with a water-based stain in the selected color,
  3. for a better effect, you can brush the wood to emphasize its structure (always rub the wood along the grain),
  4. apply a special whitening paste on the wood, make sure that all grooves and cavities are covered with it,
  5. after 10 minutes, wipe the surface with a cotton cloth,
  6. apply quick-drying, colorless varnish on the wood - you can use matte or glossy varnish.

Natural wood with high porosity, such as oak, walnut or ash, works best for whitening. For this purpose, soft birch is unlikely to work.

What to bleach wood with?

In every building materials store you can easily find materials for the renovation of natural wood. For self-bleaching, special toothpastes that are really easy to use are best. Just remember to be extra careful as wood whitening paste is a chemical.

More on wood whitening at http://fachowydekarz.pl/wybielanie-drewna-stare-meble-jak-nowe/