The quality of our sleep has a direct impact on our health, daily well-being and performance every day. A properly selected bed and a healthy and high-quality mattress will definitely help us achieve high sleep comfort and our daily goals. Therefore, one of the key purchasing decisions is to choose a comfortable and health-promoting mattress that will allow you to use it for many years without significantly reducing our home budget.

Mattresses are currently available on the market in many variants and with different characteristics. The first aspect that affects health is, of course, the firmness of the mattress. Some time ago, the belief that a hard bedding material has a positive effect on our health prevailed. Nothing could be more wrong! Too hard surface causes uneven distribution of pressure on our muscles and we are not able to regenerate one hundred percent during sleep and take care of proper relaxation of the body. This may have a negative effect on our health, so it is worth taking care of a flexible and semi-hard solution that will match our physical parameters.

What else should you pay attention to?

In addition to hardness, the material from which the mattress is made is very important. Latex and spring mattresses are very popular here. Both solutions can be matched perfectly to individual needs. In the first case, we can bet one hundred percent on a natural and airy mattress, which will give us not only the comfort of sleep, but also flexibility, thanks to which the mattress will adapt to our needs. Here you need to pay attention to thermal insulation, because if it is too high, it will strengthen our sweating at night, which may be uncomfortable.

In the case of spring solutions, you can put on a pocket mattress, where the springs are placed in specially prepared and independent pockets, thanks to which they adjust to our body as much as possible. The proper distribution of the body on the mattress and relaxation of the muscles during sleep is the basis for staying healthy for longer. If it happens that we wake up broken or our backs hurt, it is a sign that it is worth thinking about changing the mattress.