Balcony railing it is a necessary finish when it comes to our balcony. However, it is worth considering what type to choose and what we can afford. Without thinking about these elements, we can fall into the trap of intrusive companies that will sell us the most expensive model, and we will not necessarily need one.

What is a balcony railing and what are its types?

You could say the first part of the question is stupid because everyone knows what a railing is. However, it is worth starting with what it is to smoothly move on to its types.

The balcony railing is a fence that is distinguished by a smooth end. They also have different elements. Starting with glass, going through railings, if you have children, and handrails. The railings are distinguished by a difference in the technology used and finishes.

Balcony railings made of stainless steel are the ones that are characterized by the highest strength and corrosion resistance. An additional advantage is that you can finish them in such a way that there is a gloss. They are perfect for homes that are decorated in a modern and minimalist style.

Black steel railings are more aesthetic than stainless steel balustrades, but require maintenance. They also require galvanization to withstand weather conditions. It is a more popular type of balcony railing due to a much lower price than stainless steel ones.

Wrought iron railings, unlike black steel railings, are very resistant to external conditions. They do not require renovation, but their weight is very high, which makes them suitable only for stable and solidly mounted balconies that are adapted to higher loads.

Glass railings are very elegant and minimalist. They can be easily combined with wood or stones, metal. According to interior designers, they are perfect for houses decorated in a Scandinavian style.

What is the cost of the railing?

The costs to be prepared for depend on the type of railing you choose.

A running meter of black steel railings costs from 130 to 530 PLN. Prices made of stainless steel range from 230 to 750 PLN. Wrought iron balustrades cost PLN 400-700. Those made of glass cost from 480 to 1000 PLN per linear meter. Wooden ones cost from 280 to 750 PLN. It is obvious that we will pay much less for a material of lower quality than the better one. Although the price ranges are large, it means that it will be easier to find something for our pocket.