Wardrobe cabinets

In places where people work or stay, wardrobes are an indispensable element of equipment. Metal furniture is the most popular and recommended equipment for social rooms, schools and sports facilities. PROMAG SA offers all kinds of wardrobes and cabinets, which, thanks to their functionality and aesthetics, will allow for furnishing any interior according to the needs of even the most demanding customers. PROMAG SA is Polish manufacturer of metal furniture offering products of the highest quality. The greatest advantage of metal social furniture is the combination of durability and solidity with the principles of ergonomics while maintaining attention to applicable standards and regulations. The offer is tailored for future users of various facilities.

Pool lockers and gym lockers

PROMAG SA metal cabinets are perfect as a place to store personal belongings for people visiting swimming pools, gyms or water parks.
For users of sports facilities, the reliability and functionality of the cabinets are very important.

The security of stored items is particularly important, which is why the correct operation of the lock, which secures the stored items, is so important. Thanks to cylindrical locks, both single- or three-point, items left behind during training and rest will be safe.

The wardrobes are equipped with amenities such as a fixed shelf that allows you to leave things organized - no need to leave things on your shoes. The shelf can also be used as a safe place where you can put away jewelry or a watch. The wardrobes are equipped with bars with hooks, which, especially in the autumn and winter period, allow the outer garment to be hung.

In the case of limited space, we recommend L-type pool lockers, which, thanks to the practical "L" layout, allow you to increase the space used for wardrobes. Metal furniture means increased durability and thus lower costs by minimizing the likelihood of frequent replacement of damaged cabinets.

Social safety cabinets and double cabinets

Two-piece wardrobes are very useful, especially in workplaces, which enable the separation of clean and dirty clothes. When the area of a social room is limited and every square meter is worth its weight in gold, it is a perfect solution. These wardrobes also use high-quality cylindrical locks - three-point, and a shelf with bars and hooks for clothes.

For places where it is particularly important to maintain a high level of cleanliness, wardrobes with a roof and cupboards on legs are recommended. The sloped roof enables easy cleaning of the surface, e.g. dust removal. At the same time, wardrobes on legs allow you to clean the floor underneath them. It is also worth paying attention to whether the cabinets are equipped
with regulators that allow for their leveling.

Additionally, PROMAG SA offers locker cabinets which, thanks to their various sizes, are adapted to the storage of items of various sizes. The offer also includes SP personal wardrobes, which have been designed for the safe storage of personal belongings in workplaces, sports and commercial facilities or at railway stations. They are characterized by a structure made of high-quality steel sheet.

Safety cabinets with a bench (seat)

PROMAG SA offers a wide selection of benches for wardrobes. Classic single-sided and double-sided benches and pull-out benches that allow you to maximize the available space by hiding an unused seat under the bench. Available
there are also benches with an additional shelf for shoes, which allows you to keep the cloakroom tidy
and the separation of shoe storage from clothing. The benches under the health and safety cabinets make it easier
and accelerate the process of changing clothes both in the workplace and in sports facilities. In many cabinets it is possible to mount a bench adjusted to the needs.

A very important aspect is also the resistance of the benches to damage caused by excessive moisture. The offer also includes benches with plastic slats that are resistant to moisture. This solution is especially recommended for pool cabinets.

Freestanding benches and benches with hangers

Freestanding benches are an alternative to benches mounted under the cabinets. Contrary to the bench cabinets, free-standing benches, as the name suggests, can stand anywhere in the cloakroom, which allows you to optimize the use of space according to the users' needs. Hangers allow you to hang clothes or, for example, a towel during visits to the pool or gym.

Wardrobes for special tasks - filthy

In many workplaces it is necessary to separate a place for storing dirty clothes. Dirt allows to separate a place where employees will be able to store their working clothes for cleaning. The hinged flap allows for comfort
in use and at the same time makes it impossible to remove already thrown clothes. The wardrobe is equipped with special hooks for hanging a bag for dirty work clothes. Prudniki are available with or without a roof. The dirty wardrobe with a roof is an easy way to keep clean, the sloped wall allows for quick and comfortable cleaning of surfaces in rooms where cleanliness is particularly important.

School lockers and lockers

A special offer prepared with students in mind allows for ergonomics by adjusting the size of the wardrobes with the youngest students in mind. The height of the cabinets is 1700 mm, which allows each student to be able to use it independently. The cabinets are equipped with shelves that allow you to store books or shoes separately from the rest of your belongings. There are also hooks in the locker on which students can leave their outer covers.

Lockers, on the other hand, allow for the maximum use of the available space. A wide range of colors allows you to arrange the interior in various colors, available
from the pallet versions of cabinets. There is also a choice of versions for these cabinets
with a roof that makes it easier to keep the furniture clean - easy dust removal
from the surface.

Equipment of safety cabinets

For social rooms or cloakrooms, a well-equipped health and safety wardrobe is the key to success when arranging the interior. PROMAG SA offers many standard amenities as well as a wide selection of cloakroom equipment with wardrobes.

  • fixed shelf, stable structure guarantees a long service life
  • bar with hooks allows you to hang clothes, which prevents them from creasing
    and facilitates the organization of the space in the safety cabinet
  • business card holder - practical business card holder placed on the door
  • stickers for wardrobes - facilitating the assignment of a specific cabinet to a specific user; possibility of using 3D stickers, foil or painting
  • vents - facilitate air circulation and provide ventilation inside the cabinet
  • one or three-point cylinder lock - safety cabinets equipped with such a lock ensure safe storage of clothes and personal belongings
  • vertical partition dividing the chamber - keeps the inside of the wardrobe tidy and allows you to separate dirty and clean clothes
  • Benches - it is the perfect complement to wardrobe cabinets. They allow you to increase comfort while changing - convenience above all
  • Extensions for wardrobe cabinets - additional storage space for safety cabinets