The easiest way to measure wood dryness is with a hygrometer - thanks to inserting two metal electrodes, you can check the measurement on a digital display after a while. Slightly more technologically advanced devices have introduced parameters for up to several hundred types of wood, they can also be equipped with functions that enable measuring the humidity and temperature of air and material.

Why is it important to keep the firewood dry?

Everyone who has their own fireplace knows that it is best to light a fire in it dry firewood Properly selected not only extends the life of the fireplace and does not clog it, but also prevents the emission of harmful compounds from varnishes and paints - therefore it is not worth burning old furniture. Dry firewood it does not cause heat losses and does not pollute the environment.

The most important parameters to consider when choosing wood for your barbecue are its calorific value and humidity.

Why is it better to choose wood from deciduous trees?

Effective heating is guaranteed by hard deciduous trees such as hornbeam, beech or oak. Due to the fact that softwood burns faster and pollutes the chimney with its resin, it will be a good decision to give up coniferous wood altogether, and if you have no choice - mix it with hardwood, which provides much more heat.

Wood humidity / dryness intervals

A freshly cut tree can contain up to 80% of water in it. Contrary to appearances, heating rooms with moist wood is not profitable - when burning, such wood dries out, and the evaporation of water from it is synonymous with the loss of heat 40%. The 25% moisture content of the wood can be felt by touching the wood with your hand - however, to ensure the most effective combustion, its moisture content should not exceed 15%.

Alternative suggestions - how to check that the wood is dry enough without a moisture meter?

If you are trying to pre-estimate whether the selected wood is suitable for dry firewood it is too humid, there are a few characteristics that you will notice on your initial inspection. First of all, you will feel that wet wood is much heavier than dry wood. Also pay attention to the bark - with dry wood, the bark will easily peel off and cracks will be visible.

Wood seasoning as a recipe for dry firewood?

Seasoning wood is one of the most popular methods of ensuring that the wood is dry. After buying the selected type of wood (from a proven company or state-owned forests), it is worth leaving the wood under a roof for about two years in sunny and breezy rain, while protecting it against rotting by not placing it directly on the ground.