In recent years, moss has been gaining popularity among the most creative designers. Its advantages, but also the enormity of the possibility of using it in practically all types of interiors, delight more and more.

Not only the wall

The most popular method of using decorative moss is to cover walls and other interior surfaces with it. However, in order to use moss in your interior, you do not need to cover ten square meters of the wall with it. You can also opt for a moss painting. We will tell you how to do it!

Get carried away by your fantasy

Of course, in our offer you will find ready-made paintings with our composition proposals prepared by our florists. In their works, they show that you can not only use one type of moss to create an image, but also mix it. Mix colors, but also types. Flat moss, pillow moss and moss in one composition, combined with taste, can really impress and make a great impression! Classic moss green colors differ in shades. This can also be used to create a composition very similar to the one we can find in the forest. After all, nature is not a single color, but has countless shades, types and mutations.

“But it's not like you have to rely on our ideas. After all, each of us may have a different idea how to arrange your interior. One that no one else will come up with! "

Do it yourself!

You will not only buy all the necessary things from us, from moss, pillow and flat moss, through various types of frames, to floristic glue, which is best for assembling moss. We will also advise you on how to handle our moss in order to use it in the best and most effective way. We will answer all your questions. Over the years of working with moss, flat moss and pillow moss, we have processed so many topics, ideas and problems that we can confidently call ourselves experts in this topic. Do not worry that after buying such a peculiar product as moss, you will be left alone with it and you will have to search for answers to your questions on the Internet.

"We are here not only to sell you the product, but also to carry out the entire installation process in the place of your choice."

Technically, playing with moss is child's play. You take the head of a moss or other lichen of your choice and stick it on the selected surface. In the case of frames, the frames we propose and sell with a substrate that protect against moisture return will work best. You can also be creative and use invented material to create a picture. We will be happy to answer if we think your idea will work.

The secret of making a moss painting is an individual sense of aesthetics. There is only one rule: cover the entire surface of the painting with moss. Don't leave any spaces open, it never works. When deciding on moss in your home or workplace, you want to bring some nature inside, so don't limit yourself. Do it the way you like it.