The choice of a chimney system depends on various factors. Ideally, we should think about the choice of a chimney and ventilation system at the building design stage. What should you remember about? What elements are worth paying attention to?   

What to look for when choosing a chimney?

The key is, of course, the location of the chimney. This is an element that definitely needs to be taken care of at the very early stage of the investment. In addition, it is worth thinking about the technical requirements of the selected heating device. You need to take into account the type of boiler, thermal power of the device, combustion temperature, height of the chimney and general operating characteristics of the device, with particular emphasis on the type of fuel used.

The key element is the quality of the chimney. The chimney system cannot work efficiently and reliably if it is not equipment of the appropriate class. A good chimney should be resistant to moisture, corrosion, acids, high temperatures and possible soot.

Ceramic or steel?

In addition to the reliability and quality of the chimney, it is important to pay attention to the purpose of the chimney. Stands out chimneysthat discharge exhaust fumes from solid fuel boilers, chimneys that are dedicated to work with gas stoves and chimneys used with liquid fuels. Depending on the needs, the chimney can be made of steel or ceramics. However, it should be noted that ceramic chimneys are used more often in single-family housing.

The advantages of ceramic chimneys include high resistance to damage and temperature changes. In other words, they are solid products that work well for many years. In addition, it is important that they have minimal thermal expansion and are considered easy to install.

Some, however, decide to use metal chimneys, because they have a very good tightness and cope well with very intensive use. By the way, they work well for the renovation of brick chimneys. In the industrial sector, steel chimneys are used a little more often, while in single-family housing, ceramic chimneys work without any problems.