It is said that the kitchen is the heart of every home. Shared meals, meetings with friends, first successful pastries. There is always a lot going on here. That is why proper kitchen arrangement is so important. Standard tiles above the countertop are a thing of the past. We are starting to focus on modernity and unique solutions, which, apart from their attractive appearance, must, of course, also be functional and practical. One of the prevailing trends is tempered glass for the kitchen. Why is it worth choosing such a solution? What are its advantages?

Tempered glass for the kitchen

The main advantage of this solution is its versatility. Tempered glass in the kitchen will work in both modern and classic interiors. What our glass pane over the kitchen counter will look like depends entirely on us. You can order your favorite graphic motif or a selected photo to be placed between the glass panes. So everything we dream of, from simple tulips to interesting "floral patterns". The whole thing can refer to the style of our kitchen or be a slight contrast to focus on yourself. Thanks to this, each kitchen can be special and unique. Which will surely appeal to household members and guests.

Small kitchen and tempered glass

For owners of small rooms, the use of tempered glass in the kitchen has additional advantages. Such a surface gives the optical effect of spaciousness and lightness. We do not need to use glass along the entire length of the table top. We can do it freely and in selected places. Additionally, we can use bright colors, which will make the room spacious. Manufacturers offer many interesting solutions.

Additional advantages of the "glass arrangement"

An additional advantage of using tempered glass in the kitchen is that it is easy to keep clean. It is true that the glass shows dirt, but it can also be cleaned very quickly and easily. And, equally important, our theme will not fade away. We also do not have to worry about damp and mold in the kitchen. Tempered glass is also safe and resistant to high temperatures and impacts.