Garden furniture is made of many different materials. The properties of the furniture, such as resistance to weather conditions, design or comfort of use, depend on the material used for their production.

Metal garden furniture

Metal garden furniture is usually of the best quality. Among metal furniture, we can often choose in many styles, most often it will be a modern, minimalist style, but also more fancy, such as romantic, French or Provencal. Furniture made of bent metal elements allows it to take on more original, lighter shapes than in the case of wooden furniture. Appropriately painted or otherwise protected against corrosion, metal garden furniture will be more durable than wooden furniture. The advantages of using metal to make garden furniture can be seen especially in the case of a particularly garden piece of furniture, such as a metal pergola. Made of other materials, it will not be too light and chic.

Furniture garden wooden

Wood garden furniture also has its advantages, it looks more natural, it can be less conspicuous. In the case of wooden furniture, however, we will have a choice of simpler furniture, with less sophisticated shapes than, for example, garden furniture made of metal. Furniture parts can be made of thicker elements, they will not have the visual lightness of metal furniture. The strength and resistance of wooden furniture can be varied, a lot depends on the method of securing, sometimes it will be a compromise between the appearance and durability of the table, lava or chair.

Other garden furniture

Apart from metal or wooden furniture, there are also furniture made of other materials. These can be materials of natural origin, such as rattan. Rattan furniture will be good mainly for terraces or balconies. But also plastics, various types of plastics - plastic furniture is rather a temporary solution, good only where we do not care about the attractive appearance of the furniture.

Finally, in order for the garden furniture to be durable and look great at the same time, it is worth taking an interest in metal garden furniture. This raw material, well protected, guarantees many years of durability and at the same time gives a very wide field in choosing the shape and style of the furniture. Among metal garden furniture, the most popular are pergolas, tables, chairs and garden benches.