The basic type of construction formwork are ceiling props, also known as stamps or seatposts. It is an element without which many construction works could not take place, so in this article we present some basic information on this subject.

Ceiling formwork

Formwork improves work on strengthening the ceiling. In addition, formwork is used for the assembly of prefabricated ceilings. Tightly connected structural elements in the form of formwork allow to give the concrete or reinforced concrete mass almost any shape. It is necessary until the concrete / reinforced concrete ceiling has solidified. Standard formwork is above all galvanized supports, galvanized tripods, galvanized cross head, H-20 wooden girder, shuttering plywood or a three-layer board.

Ceiling formwork, in addition to fulfilling its main task of supporting the ceiling, they are highly appreciated because they guarantee the safety of employees when ceiling it is not 100% stable yet.

Ceiling support as a rule, it allows you to adjust the height and does its job very well. Supports are commonly used on all construction sites where multi-storey buildings are built. Formwork ceiling panels are so much appreciated because they are easy to install, safe during construction works, low in time and at a competitive price. This type of formwork meets the required quality standards.

How to choose ceiling formwork?

It is worth betting on such adjustable supportsthat can be easily adjusted and thus adapted to different needs. Modern set of formwork should be adjustable, which means that it can be used both in standard residential or single-family housing and large industrial buildings, where the ceiling reaches a height of several meters. Also maximum load on supports should allow the use of formwork for various construction works.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to whether manufacturer of supports is a supplier recognized on the market. As you know, high-quality equipment allows you to carry out construction works more efficiently and ensures the required safety on the construction site. Therefore, before purchasing formwork, you should check that they meet the relevant quality standards.