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How to deal with flooding and moisture?


Zalane lub zawilgocone pomieszczenie to poważny problem. Prawidłowa wilgoć powinna wynosić około 30%-60%. W przypadku wyższych wartości rozwija się pleśń i grzyby a to jak wiadomo prosta droga do problemów zdrowotnych. Najczęściej przyczyną wilgoci jest zalanie lub nieprawidłowo wykonana izolacja. Jeśli już taka sytuacja się zdarzy to zdecydowanie trzeba podjąć działania w kierunku wyeliminowania tego problemu. Jak tego dokonać? Jak radzić sobie z zalaniem lub wilgocią? Na te pytania krótko odpowiadamy w niniejszym artykule.

Wilgoć w pomieszczeniu – łatwiej zapobiegać niż leczyć

W przypadku gdy przyczyną wilgoci są nieszczelności zdecydowanie należy rozważyć podjęcie prac budowalnych. Przyczyn niestety może być wiele – nieprawidłowe fundamenty, nieszczelne okna, wyeksploatowany dach, nieskuteczna termoizolacja lub nieprawidłowa wentylacja.

W razie problemów z wysoką wilgocią trzeba pamiętać o regularnym wietrzeniu pomieszczeń. Niektórzy w obawie przed wysokimi rachunkami za ogrzewanie starają się ograniczyć wietrzenie co niestety sprzyja rozwojowi wilgoci i pleśni. Jak wiadomo znacznie łatwiej zapobiegać niż leczyć, dlatego prawidłowe zaprojektowanie budynku oraz zwracanie uwagi na regularne wietrzenie to podstawa. Jeśli już jednak wilgoć zadomowi się we wnętrzu to trzeba przejść do ofensywy i wykorzystać specjalistyczne osuszacze powietrza.

Osuszacze powietrza jako sposób na poradzenie sobie z wilgocią

Jest co najmniej kilka prostych sposobów domowych na radzenie sobie z wilgocią. Popularne przykłady to wykorzystanie soli, która wchłania wilgoć lub rozstawienie roślin doniczkowych (np. paprotek) gdyż te czerpią wodę z otoczenia. Tego typu rozwiązania brzmią interesująco jednak nie są na tyle skuteczne co zastosowanie specjalistycznego osuszacza powietrza.

Osuszacz powietrza to skuteczne rozwiązanie na pozbycie się nadmiaru wody z otaczającego powietrza. Co ciekawe, osuszacze to proste w obsłudze urządzenia, które można bez problemu wynająć w razie potrzeby (np. wynajem osuszaczy Busko Zdrój).

The current situation on the real estate market


Is buying an apartment for investment purposes with the use of leverage in the form of a mortgage a good idea in the current situation? Will the Polish Deal program introduce changes to the real estate market that may be significant from the investor's point of view?

High inflation, low interest rates and an increase in wages

Considerations on the current situation on the real estate market (Q4 2021) should start with the fact that recently the prices of apartments have increased significantly. The trend is clearly growing, yet there are many people willing to buy flats. It is difficult to clearly define which factors affect such a situation on the real estate market, but one of them is the record low interest rates, thanks to which taking out a mortgage is easier than ever before. Besides, one cannot be indifferent to the increase in wages. In 2017, the minimum wage was PLN 2,000 gross and in 2022 it will be PLN 3,010 gross. This means that even the least-paid Poles earn within 5 years a gross increase of 50%. If we add to this data the fact that the current official inflation rate is as high as 5.8%, it is hardly surprising that there are gains in the real estate market.

So is there still a good time to invest in real estate?

A lot of people buy an apartment for their own use, because in most of the largest cities in Poland the rental fees (excluding meter and administrative fees) are lower than the monthly loan installments. Of course, individual preferences are still of great importance and many people still prefer to rent over a loan, but departing from individual preferences, it can be concluded that the current situation on the real estate market makes taking out a loan for your own housing needs seems to be a reasonable solution from a financial point of view (not taking into account take into account the risks in the form of raising interest rates, the risk of future job loss, etc.).

What is the situation from the investor's perspective? People who have invested in real estate in recent years have successfully protected their capital against inflation. However, or further investing in real estate it will be so it will be just as profitable that of course no one knows. When it comes to dividends in the form of monthly rent, the situation is also becoming more and more complicated here. A few years ago, the ROI 7%-9% seemed to be the most achievable result. Currently, rentiers value annual profits of around 5%. That is why more and more investors are looking for alternatives. Instead of investing in studios, they are becoming more and more popular commercial premises.

Which balcony railing to choose?


Balcony railing it is a necessary finish when it comes to our balcony. However, it is worth considering what type to choose and what we can afford. Without thinking about these elements, we can fall into the trap of intrusive companies that will sell us the most expensive model, and we will not necessarily need one.

What is a balcony railing and what are its types?

You could say the first part of the question is stupid because everyone knows what a railing is. However, it is worth starting with what it is to smoothly move on to its types.

The balcony railing is a fence that is distinguished by a smooth end. They also have different elements. Starting with glass, going through railings, if you have children, and handrails. The railings are distinguished by a difference in the technology used and finishes.

Balcony railings made of stainless steel are the ones that are characterized by the highest strength and corrosion resistance. An additional advantage is that you can finish them in such a way that there is a gloss. They are perfect for homes that are decorated in a modern and minimalist style.

Black steel railings are more aesthetic than stainless steel balustrades, but require maintenance. They also require galvanization to withstand weather conditions. It is a more popular type of balcony railing due to a much lower price than stainless steel ones.

Wrought iron railings, unlike black steel railings, are very resistant to external conditions. They do not require renovation, but their weight is very high, which makes them suitable only for stable and solidly mounted balconies that are adapted to higher loads.

Glass railings are very elegant and minimalist. They can be easily combined with wood or stones, metal. According to interior designers, they are perfect for houses decorated in a Scandinavian style.

What is the cost of the railing?

The costs to be prepared for depend on the type of railing you choose.

A running meter of black steel railings costs from 130 to 530 PLN. Prices made of stainless steel range from 230 to 750 PLN. Wrought iron balustrades cost PLN 400-700. Those made of glass cost from 480 to 1000 PLN per linear meter. Wooden ones cost from 280 to 750 PLN. It is obvious that we will pay much less for a material of lower quality than the better one. Although the price ranges are large, it means that it will be easier to find something for our pocket.

Are virtual reality games the future of the gaming market?


Virtual reality seems to be the future of the gaming market. You can even risk a thesis that the market for this type of games is not entirely the future, but the present. VR games can be played on a PlayStation or even on a PC. In this article, we briefly discuss what virtual reality is and introduce some popular games of this type.

VR games available to a wide range of consumers are something that large companies from the entertainment industry thought about in the last century. However, in real terms, the VR games market has only started to gain momentum in the last few years. Currently, it can be safely said that VR games are able to realistically compete with the traditional ones. Both the popularity and the quality of the provided entertainment. The PlayStation 4, which supports VR technology and releases quite a large number of VR games, has a great influence on the development of the gaming market. At the same time, the market of goggles that allow you to play VR games is developing. Popular VR goggles include the Oculu Quest 2, which can be connected to a PC.

VR games for PlayStation and PC

There are more and more VR games on the market, you can easily find simulators, FPP and MMORPG games. For this purpose, it is enough to have special goggles that can be connected to the console (e.g. to PlayStation) or to a PC.

You can play games such as Doom 3, Star Wars, Sniper Elite, Marvel's Iron Man, Hitman 3, Vater Immortal: A Star Wars, Beat Saber or Minecraft on PlayStation. These are only a few popular titles because the number of games available on PS is of course much longer and is constantly growing.

Examples of games that can be played on a computer are Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, Half-Life: Alyx, Vader Immporta: A Star Wars, The Lab.

Virtual reality beyond the gaming market

It is worth knowing that virtual reality does not necessarily have to be associated with games. Increasingly, you can come across virtual museums, virtual city fragments or various types of virtual relaxation environments.

Virtual reality can be used by corporations (e.g. in creating virtual instructions that help while working in a production hall, for example, an instruction of this type may appear after looking at a specific element that requires assembly). In general, it seems that, apart from the gaming market, virtual reality should have more and more applications in the broadly understood training and education industry.

You can read more about virtual reality on http://gryvr.pl/

How to choose a chimney system for the home?


The choice of a chimney system depends on various factors. Ideally, we should think about the choice of a chimney and ventilation system at the building design stage. What should you remember about? What elements are worth paying attention to?   

What to look for when choosing a chimney?

The key is, of course, the location of the chimney. This is an element that definitely needs to be taken care of at the very early stage of the investment. In addition, it is worth thinking about the technical requirements of the selected heating device. You need to take into account the type of boiler, thermal power of the device, combustion temperature, height of the chimney and general operating characteristics of the device, with particular emphasis on the type of fuel used.

The key element is the quality of the chimney. The chimney system cannot work efficiently and reliably if it is not equipment of the appropriate class. A good chimney should be resistant to moisture, corrosion, acids, high temperatures and possible soot.

Ceramic or steel?

In addition to the reliability and quality of the chimney, it is important to pay attention to the purpose of the chimney. Stands out chimneysthat discharge exhaust fumes from solid fuel boilers, chimneys that are dedicated to work with gas stoves and chimneys used with liquid fuels. Depending on the needs, the chimney can be made of steel or ceramics. However, it should be noted that ceramic chimneys are used more often in single-family housing.

The advantages of ceramic chimneys include high resistance to damage and temperature changes. In other words, they are solid products that work well for many years. In addition, it is important that they have minimal thermal expansion and are considered easy to install.

Some, however, decide to use metal chimneys, because they have a very good tightness and cope well with very intensive use. By the way, they work well for the renovation of brick chimneys. In the industrial sector, steel chimneys are used a little more often, while in single-family housing, ceramic chimneys work without any problems.

Working platform - what types of products do we have?

It is difficult to imagine work on a construction site, during renovation works, in shops or in warehouses without a functional working platform. The assembly platform works well wherever work needs to be done at a low height, and where the use of a classic ladder or an automatic lift is difficult or even impossible.

It is difficult to imagine working on a construction site, during renovation works, in shops or in warehouses without a functional one the working platform. The assembly platform works well wherever work needs to be done at a low height, and where the use of a classic ladder or an automatic lift is difficult or even impossible.

Working platform - what types of products do we have?

Kinds working platforms there are many, and you can easily find a model that meets your expectations and enables safe and stable operation under certain conditions. Basic working platform (eg KRASUE STEP TOP) allows for extremely stable operation on a small elevation, it also does not take up much space and does not cause problems in terms of transport or storage. This model is often used as mounting platform for some building finishing works and renovations.
A common choice of builders is also working platform in the form of steps with a wider, non-slip platform (e.g. KRAUSE STABILO assembly platform). It takes up much less space and perfectly fulfills the function for which it was created.

A traveling platform - a convenient and practical solution

When it comes to slightly larger designs, it is quite popular driveway. Despite the slightly greater weight, such a storage platform is very easy to transport - it has special wheels with a blockade, which facilitate its quick and convenient movement. Currently driving platforms prevail in the overall offer storage decks, and individual models differ in both design and height.
An example of a small model is even driveway Krause Stabilo Professional. Thanks to its relatively small size, it can be used even in confined spaces, such as workshops, factories or warehouses. It is also not difficult to find models that allow you to rise to a slightly greater height. An example would be aluminum driving deck Krause Vario that allows you to climb to a height of 4 m. Ten working platform It is equipped with an advanced stabilizing system that guarantees work safety. It offers similar properties too driveway Faraone MF.TS, equipped with the SICIUR STOP security kit.
In some cases, the best solution may be a two-sided storage Modest (e.g. Krause Stabilo mobile platform with two-sided access) - especially where two pairs of hands may be useful to perform the work or in places where greater access to a selected place at a height is needed.

Get rid of weeds quickly and efficiently with herbicides


One of the main reasons people turn to herbicides is because they provide a quick fix to weed problems.

Some herbicides can kill weeds in less than a day, while others take a week or more to act. The complete disappearance of the weeds in the field or in the garden, however, should not take more than a month.

How to carry out an effective weed control in potatoes

By removing weeds that compete for water, sunlight and nutrients, herbicides enable higher yields, leading to lower grocery prices in stores, higher profits for farmers, and fewer food shortages. To prevent weeds from growing and to keep your lawn perfectly manicured, herbicides are almost a must. Homeowners know that keeping flower beds and vegetable gardens free of weeds will be extremely difficult and frustrating if the appropriate plant protection measures, such as selective herbicides, are not applied. After applying the herbicide, continue searching the fields for weeds weekly. If weeds are still present after applying the herbicide, remove them manually before making seeds. This is especially true if the weeds are believed to be resistant to herbicides. Removing weeds before sowing prevents them from being added to the weed seed bank and creating more problems in future growing seasons. Using a two-step herbicide program, along with weekly checks, is key to keeping your fields clean and free of weeds. It is very important. , to weed control in potatoes carried out in a timely manner and using appropriate herbicides. Appropriately selected herbicides work together to adopt a zero tolerance approach to weeds, actively helping to keep fields clean and weed-free throughout the growing season.

What are the advantages of the protective roofing coating?

The durability and tightness of the roof are of great importance for the condition of the entire building and affect the conditions inside it. Unfortunately, despite the use of materials that should have a long service life, they often fail prematurely.

What is a protective roofing coating?

It is mainly influenced by weather conditions - moisture, excessive sunlight, high and low temperatures. Fortunately, nowadays we can take advantage of the modern solution as it is protective roofing coating. What is it and what are its advantages? Let's find out.

The protective roofing coating is a specialized liquid agent that is applied in a thin layer to the roofing. Various types of materials can be covered with it. It is a measure that does not allow moisture to pass inside the building, and at the same time allows it to evaporate outside. At the same time, it effectively protects against the heating of the roof covering, and thus also the interior of the building.

Advantages of a protective roofing coating

The use of a protective roofing coating brings a number of benefits. First of all, the roof is better protected against damage by weather conditions, thanks to which it stays tight longer and fulfills its function.

But that's not all. The roof does not heat up under the influence of sunlight, which not only extends the life of the materials, but also makes the inside temperature lower. As a result, people and animals in the building feel much more comfortable. It is also a significant cost reduction that we would have to bear for air-conditioning rooms.

Among the advantages of roofing coatings, we can also mention their durability, versatility of use and easy application.

In which buildings is it worth using the roofing coating?

The protective roofing coating can be used on virtually any building roof, however, it is especially recommended for buildings that, due to their construction, are significantly more exposed to moisture and excessive heating. We are talking primarily about large buildings with flat roofs, i.e. warehouses, industrial halls, cowsheds and production plants.

The roofing coating is often used also in the case of buildings whose roof shape is very irregular, characterized by, for example, numerous additional roofs or a change in height. In such cases, it is difficult to ensure the maximum tightness of the roof using only traditional materials.

To sum up, the protective roofing coating is a modern and functional solution that brings many benefits. It not only extends the durability of the roof, but also has a positive effect on the conditions inside the building. In combination with the relatively low price and durability of this type of coatings, it is a solution that is worth taking an interest in. No wonder that the number of people who decide to apply a protective layer on the roofs of residential, industrial and workplace buildings is growing every year.

Wall lamps for the living room - an elegant interior in several ways

If you are passionate about interior decoration or you are just arranging a living room and you want everything to be perfectly in its place, you certainly know that proper lighting is extremely important for many reasons. First of all, lamps allow you to use rooms at any time, so they are a necessary accessory. Secondly, they can be a decorative element in themselves and wonderfully decorate a room. Wall lamps are a great solution for the living room, precisely because they help to illuminate hard-to-reach places and sometimes arrange empty walls. Do you want to choose a lamp that will add style to your guest room? See for yourself that elegance has many names and decide on the appropriate model of a stylish wall lamp.

Wall lamps for the living room - decorative wall lamps in a classic style

Wall lamps in the classic edition will match the living room that you want to decorate in a glamor style or referring to royal chambers. If this is the arrangement you dream of, you do not have to invest in a massive chandelier, decorated with crystals, although undoubtedly such a hanging lamp will perfectly illuminate the room. Instead, you can choose wall lamps that will look not too rich but still elegant and classic. Wall lamps resembling candelabras will perfectly complement the royal living room. A few crystals as part of a decorative accent will also not hurt if the lamp does not additionally dazzle the eyes with gold.

Wall lamps for the living room - retro style is always in fashion

The retro style is full of references to bygone eras, but although the time of some solutions from the 60s or 80s is over, some themes still do not go out of fashion. Therefore, interior decorators are very eager to use retro design, even in new buildings. So if you want to create a charming retro-style living room, and at the same time install practical and elegant wall lamps in it, you can find several proposals on the market that will appeal to you. A good option, for example, is to invest in wall lamps for the living room with a simple lampshade. White or black can go well with other styling elements, but subdued colors such as powder pink or beige will also work here.

Wall lamps for the living room - minimalism is an art

Sometimes simplicity lies in elegance. Sometimes the best decision, if you want to richly decorate the living room, is definitely a modest design of wall lamps. If you have made sure that the entire room, and especially the walls, are beautifully decorated, there is no need to add an overly decorative wall lamp to it. Exaggeration is not a determinant of style, but rather kitsch, so you need to keep this in mind when arranging the interior. In the company of wall decorations or on exceptionally patterned wallpaper, a discreet wall lamp is much better. On page https://lampy-kinkiety-oswietlenie.dom.pl/829-kinkiety-do-salonu-jadalni you will find some interesting proposals for wall lamps with a minimalist design. If your living room is decorated in a boho style, you can pay attention to a simple wall lamp in a wooden housing.

Wall lamps for the living room - try the loft flavors

The loft style is a compromise between retro style and interior futurism. The rooms in this atmosphere are characterized by a strict style and a slightly factory atmosphere. Loft wall lamps for the living room very often create a wire cage around a well-visible bulb, thanks to which they give the interior an original character. This is undoubtedly an original way to decorate a guest room that will impress invited friends or family members.

Advantages of glass lampshades in chandeliers


Many people do not appreciate glass chandeliers, and as it turns out, they are great lamps that look great and look extremely effective, especially in modern arrangements. Because glass diffuses light very well, thanks to which the interior seems to be perfectly lit and gives it depth. It is worth reviewing the available offer of glass chandeliers when deciding on the choice of specific lighting for your apartment. You can go personally to a specific store or view products available on the website.

What are the advantages of glass chandeliers?

Glass chandeliers have many valuable advantages. First of all, they are extremely beautiful, which makes them look fantastic in any room.

Glass is an ideal material for lighting as it allows the light of the bulb to pass through and gives them a much softer character. In this way, the lampshade with the appropriate folds will create beautiful patterns on the walls, and the colored one will help create a completely different arrangement in the room. Glass chandeliers in honey color look very interesting, thanks to which the light looks warmer and cozier. If we want to gently cool the interior arrangements, we can choose a lighter color, such as blue.

For the bedroom, a nice idea is to install several lampshades in different colors and install weaker bulbs in them, thanks to which we will light up the lampshades slightly, but will not brighten the whole room too much. In this way, we will create atmospheric lighting in the bedroom.

Another benefit for the owners of such products is the ease of cleaning. Despite the fact that dust often likes to settle on such places, it is enough to vacuum the shade once a month and wipe it gently with a soft cloth to get its former glow.

The last advantage of glass lamps is their versatility. These products are timeless and elegant. We can install them both in single-family houses designed in a modern climate, as well as in traditional apartments in blocks in a classic version.

Which chandeliers with glass shades to choose for contemporary interiors?

At the beginning, we need to know that modern interior arrangements do not like glamor. It is a good idea to choose one point that is clear. If we want to order lamps in intense and expressive colors, it is best to have them in simple forms.

However, if we decide on lamps with several lampshades, having different shapes, it is definitely better to choose transparent glass or subdued colors.

Where is the best place to hang a hanging glass chandelier?

Glass chandeliers have many advantages, so we can easily hang them in any home room. They also look great in offices. "These lamps are ordered for any interior," says Marcin Zalewski, sales specialist at Edinos.pl furniture store.

Lampshades made of opal glass fit the dining room very well. In this way, even when the lamp is mounted very low, it will not offend people eating meals, because the bulb will be well covered.

When choosing a hanging glass chandelier for an office or study, it is worth paying attention to the models made of transparent glass. In such a room it is very important that the light is as effective as possible.

Lamps with an oblong lampshade or glass spheres that focus the light in a vertical beam above the desk look very nice. For such a place, it is not worth choosing chandeliers made of colored glass, because they change the color of the light. In this way, it will tire your eyesight, so it is definitely better to use cool lighting that will allow you to work at the computer for a long time without damaging your eyes.

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