Polyurethane foam, much more widely known as PUR foam, is an insulating material that is used to insulate various building elements, including roofs, foundations and walls. What should you know about PUR foam? Why is this method of insulation receiving good opinions? In this article, we answer these questions briefly and to the point.

Tightness and effective thermal insulation, resistance to moisture, effective soundproofing of the building

First of all, it should be noted that we distinguish between open-cell foam (used in the case of apartments) and closed-cell foam (used in agriculture and industry). So, in the rest of the article, we will rather focus on the open-cell variety, which, as the name suggests, has an open cell structure. It is a foam with a very good density (from 8 kg to 10 kg per cubic meter), which makes it very foaming and is able to reach hard-to-reach free space, creating tight insulation. The above-average tightness allows for an impressively high heat transfer coefficient (U). In addition, PUR foam is characterized by very good resistance to moisture and above-average acoustic properties.

Quick and convenient renovation work, lower heating bills, better insulation on hot days

Foam is valued for its high physical properties, but these are not its only advantages. What is appreciated by renovation teams specializing in the installation of such insulation (eg. thermal insulation with foam Białystok) and the investors themselves are the speed of the work. Just a few hours is enough to fully insulate a medium-sized attic.

In practice, the use of PUR foam can effectively reduce bills by up to 50%. Of course, the amount of savings strongly depends on the currently used thermal insulation system. However, practice shows that often the repair of thermal insulation can have a really impressive impact on heating costs.

Interestingly, the positive aspects related to the repair of thermal insulation will also be felt in summer, when it is hot outside. In this case, a well-insulated building will be better at keeping cool.

You can read more about the advantages of PUR insulation on gawterm.pl - foam insulation in Podlasie.